Revolutionizing Electrician's Circuit Planning

Electrician's Circuit Planning with our Custom Laravel and Vue.js App


A start-up in the electrician industry needed a solution to streamline their floor planning process. Electricians often spend a significant amount of time creating and revising circuit plans for commercial and residential properties. The start-up wanted to create a web and mobile app that would make this process more efficient for electricians and electrician craft companies.


Our team of Laravel and Vue.js developers created a floor planning app that allows electricians to create and edit circuit plans with ease. The app includes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for electricians to add and remove circuits, as well as to make changes to existing circuits. Additionally, the app includes a library of pre-built circuits that can be easily added to a floor plan, saving electricians even more time.


With the floor planning app, electricians are able to create and revise circuit plans in a fraction of the time it used to take. Electrician craft companies are also able to use the app to streamline their floor planning process, allowing them to take on more projects and grow their business. The app has been well received by both electricians and electrician craft companies, and has been instrumental in the start-up's growth and success.



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